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Accutone WB610 MKII

The WB610MKII flagship headset by Accutone® - is not just the strongest communication headset in the market, it comes with DeepOcean™ Active Noise Cancellation technology, which can reduce background noise's effect on the microphone for up to 10dB.


* Over-the-head Binaural version

* Most Durable Headset ever built

* Hexagon-shape headset architecture for strength and durability

* 40mm Wideband Loudspeaker for top acoustic performance

* Large oval leatherette offer superb comfort for extensive usage

* UC compatible by connecting to AUC cable

* Perfect fit and adjustments with extendable headband and bendable microphone boom

* QD connector and ASP (Acoustic Shock Protection)

* Standard RJ version and USB (UC) version available

DeepOceanTM - the Active Noise Cancellation Technology that made Lexsus 1010 ProNC into the most popular high-end USB headset from Accutone®, has been upgraded to version 2.0. Equipped inside the strongest, and most durable headset - the WB610MKII, is powerful both inside and out. Capable of doubling its ability to reduce background noises compared to version 1.0, maxed out at 30dB. Even in the noisiest call center, or outdoor environments, the newest ProNC-610MKII only picks up the user’s voice signals, delivering the clearest, cleanest audio transmission demanded by true professionals.

On top of superb microphone performance, it comes with dual 40mm voice-centric loudspeakers, designed for superb binaural audio output. Besides top-level acoustics, the WB610MKII headset is famous for its hexagon-shape structure, built for strength and long-lasting durability. It comes with premium-grade leatherette ear-cushions. This headset is extremely comfortable, designed for extensive use in the toughest environments.